What is the aim of WWSF?

To serve the implementation of women's and children's rights.

To assist the fulfillment of the UN Millenium Development goals.

1) Empower rural women worldwide, one of the most marginalized groups on the planet, to become leading development actors in their local communities, and make them aware of their human right to equality, peace, land, clean water, food, education, health care and improved opportunities for a better life. 60-70 percent of the world's poor are rural women.

2) Create a worldwide culture of prevention of abuse and violence against children by mobilizing an international coalition of NGOs, governments and the media to educate children and the public at large on effective prevention measures, protective skills and on their right to dignity.

How is WWSF funded?

WWSF is grateful for all financial and in-kind contributions from governements, businesses, private sources, organizations, UN agencies, Foundations, institutions and WWSF members. All major donors/sponsors are acknowledged on our website, in the WWSF global Newsletters and in conference announcements and press releases.

What difference does my donation make?

Your donations help to realize the annual WWSF programs and initiatives. More investments in gender equality, women's programs and child rights initiatives are required if the UN Millenium Development Goals are to be achieved.